Can The Property Alert Service Benefit You?

Norfolk property letting agents may well find that their various clients could benefit from the new Property Alert service that has just been launched by Land Registry, intended to help prevent property fraud by sending out emails if any activity has been noticed relating to up to ten registered homes across England and Wales.

In just its first year, over 19,000 have actually signed up to participate in the scheme, so if you’re yet to hear about it do some research to see how you could benefit as well.

“Imagine finding out that someone else has sold or mortgaged your property without your knowledge and disappeared with the money, leaving you to pick up the pieces. That is why we’ve introduced a number of anti-fraud measures at Land Registry including Property Alert,” Property Alert service manager Tracey Salvin remarked.

Property fraud involves an individual stealing your identity in order to gain ownership of your home by handing over forged documents. They can then raise money without you even knowing and disappear with the funds, with you left behind to handle the consequences.

You can sign up to the Property Alert service for free and register up to ten homes, so you’ll know immediately if any suspicious activity has been spotted.

The scheme can also benefit companies as well as homeowners, with Land Registry advising firms to make sure their commercial properties are registered with a restriction placed on the title register in order to prevent forgery in the first place.

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