Don’t Leave Keys Under The Mat!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to leave spare keys under the mat, beneath a stone in the garden or in the feet of a garden gnome, but Norfolk property management services should advise their customers not to do this in light of new research.

A study conducted by LV= has revealed that 29 per cent of Britons leave a key hidden outside their property on a regular basis, yet over 6,000 burglaries take place annually where the perpetrator has gained access to the house using a key.

What’s more, homeowners have handed out nearly 20 million spare keys and since lost track of who they’ve given them to. The reasons for leaving keys in hiding places outside include in case of emergency or if a set is lost, with some thinking it’s safe to do this if they’re only going to be out for a short time or because they believe they live in a safe neighbourhood.

Managing director of LV= home insurance Selwyn Fernandes commented on these findings, saying that although burglaries are on the decline, the number of thefts involving a key is alarming.

“Burglars know that people tend to leave a spare key in a handful of places near their door and will often search these before attempting a break-in. Don’t make their job easier for them by leaving keys where they can easily be accessed,” he remarked.

If you have to leave a key anywhere, invest in a police-approved key safe, which can be fitted somewhere outside your home in which you can store your keys. Some on the market have space for up to six keys, so everyone can make use of this facility.

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