Brits ‘Going Overseas’ To Buy Property

The shortage of affordable housing in the UK is driving many in the country to consider moving abroad in order to take their first step onto the property ladder, news that may well be of interest to those making use of the best property letting agents Norwich has on the market.

According to the latest figures from Mortgages, 20 per cent would actually think about relocating overseas if it meant that they could buy their own home, with the US, Australia and New Zealand proving to be the most popular destinations of choice.

However, there are other options available that people may do well to remember, such as taking advantage of the government’s Help to Buy scheme. In all, 30 per cent of people would apply here for assistance in getting on the property ladder, so it could be worth looking into if you’re keen to invest in your first property.

“It’s … encouraging to see from our research that people are actively considering making use of the Help to Buy scheme. The majority of people who have applied to the scheme so far are first time buyers, but it’s open to all borrowers,” spokesman for the company Matt Sanders remarked.

The Help to Buy scheme makes it possible for people to take out a mortgage to buy their own home with just a five per cent deposit. There are also other options out there that you could consider, such as the shared ownership scheme, Right to Buy and NewBuy.

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