Landlords ‘Have Poor Risk Awareness’

People making use of the best property agents Norwich has to offer should perhaps reassess their safety measures and their investments in energy efficiency in light of a new study from AXA Business Insurance revealing that tenants feel at risk and are concerned about poor insulation and old heating systems.

The survey found that the majority of tenants questioned wanted better energy efficiency through green technology, double-glazing, new boilers and improved insulation - which landlords will have to attend to in the future, as it will soon be a legal obligation (as of April 2016) to introduce any reasonable energy efficiency requests like double-glazing and insulation.

It was also seen that the top complaint from renters was that landlords fail to pay enough attention to property maintenance on a routine basis, with 17 per cent saying their landlords had refused to carry out repairs when asked.

Furthermore, safety measures appear to be lacking in the majority of homes, with 60 per cent missing a carbon monoxide alarm and 58 per cent missing a fire alarm. And 73 per cent of properties didn’t have locks on every external window and door, which suggests that there are just very basic steps that landlords can take to make safety improvements.

“There are simple things landlords need to do to comply with the law and ensure decent safety standards for their tenants. Keeping an eye on your property must come first. We know that a third of landlords never visit their rental properties after a tenant moves in and quarterly checks are only conducted by 17 per cent,” managing director with the company Darrell Sansom remarked.

He went on to add that too many people are now facing risks to their property as a result and could even face prosecution if they fail to maintain appropriate gas and fire safety measures.

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